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Improve the patient experience while increasing lead & consultancy conversion.

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Acquire 10x more Leads


Forms have low engagement as the user must wait for a reply.


By offering immediate value, significantly more visitors sign up.

Answering patients immediately & visually has vastly improved signups

Fiona Hartley, Clinic Manager

Convert 2.4x more Consultations


Seeing photos of other patients and having a new hairline drawn does little to inspire the patient.


Show the impact a hair transplant will make to each patients' unique face & hair attributes.

Providing a personalised consultation is really powerful

James BEKKERS, Senior patient Advisor
Core features

Empower your clinic

Align Expectations

Showcase a variety of outcomes to display the variability of results.

Simple Patient Use

Patients just add a photo. They are then sent a secure link with their simulation.

Quick Clinic Setup

Training is quick to manage simulations for 'Consultations' & 'Leads'.


Common Clinic Questions

What about patient expectations?

It's very important that patients results match their expectations. Simulations are a great tool to ensure this,  the hairline & hair density sliders display a range of results, bespoke to each patient.

What are the legal implications?

Simulations are used as a guide, not a guarantee. This is clearly stated in all of the patient user terms. Simulations also showcase the variety of patient outcomes.

Can this work for remote consultations?

Yes, the product runs via a web login which is accessible on any device. All the patient or clinic needs is one image to generate a simulation.


View Labs Promise

We are committed to providing the best experience for both clinics & patients. That's why we focus our features & technology on what best serves them. By continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and keeping our prices affordable, we hope to help serve the health tech world.

ViewLabs team


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